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what is alopecia?

What is Alopecia? And How do I cure it?

Alopecia simply means ‘loss of hair’ or baldness. More importantly, you may wish to know what causes hair loss and how it can be cured. If you’re doing research to find the right answers to these important questions, it can be frustrating and confusing, especially when it’s happening to you. Have you recently been diagnosed

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Is a Cheap Hair Surgery Worth Dying For?

Surely, nobody would dare to risk their life for a good deal on a hair transplant! However, that is exactly what happened almost a year ago in May of 2016 when Santosh, a med student from Chennai, paid 73,000 rupees equaling $1,100 U.S. dollars for a hair transplant. How could such a minor outpatient procedure

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4 Ways to help your husband with hair loss

My Husband is going bald! How Can I Help?

If you have recently asked yourself this question, put on your detective hat and lets get started! First, it’s important to determine if your husband is bothered by his hair loss. Like any cosmetic procedure, getting hair restoration is a very personal decision and should not be forced. [responsive_youtube YOEL0Ea-4b8] Step 1. Look for Clues!

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5 Time-Saving Ways to Get Your Hair Back

Are you a busy executive who travels constantly? Maybe you’re a young mother who takes care of everyone else, except yourself. Although, it’s true that growing hair does take time, jump-starting hair growth can be quicker than you think. And once it starts to grow, well, it’s just a matter of time before you get

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