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Celebrities Hair Transplants – How to Tell!

Why is a celebrity hair transplant so easy to spot and so difficult to keep under wraps?  The very nature of a high-profile career provides an abundance of before and after photos and movies that reveal subtle changes over time. To their credit, countless celebrities have maintained a youthful appearance by simply trusting the proven process of hair restoration. 

Tell-Tale Signs

Going from “bare to hair” is a dead giveaway that a celebrity has had something done – either a hair transplant or a hair system / toupee. A “big hair” Elvis-like transformation that seems to happen overnight is most likely hair system, while gradual thickening and more average growth over time is probably a hair transplant.  There is really no other way to completely restore baldness if it has been an issue for a long while. 

Some people may attribute their hair restoration to miraculous shampoo or supplement, however, even proven non-surgical treatments can only revitalize thin, wispy hairs or resurrect existing hair follicles that are struggling to survive beneath the surface of the skin. They can’t restore hair where it no longer exists.

No, we don’t have the inside track on every celebrity who has undergone a procedure, however, a quick google search reveals a countless number of famous politicians, musicians, athletes, and actors who look much younger today than they did just a few years ago.  It’s not hard to see that a hair transplant can be extremely effective, and it’s easy to understand why people in the public eye don’t want to live with hair loss! The truth is nobody should settle! Below are 3 of the biggest reasons why we think anyone with hair loss would benefit from a procedure.

Career – Staying Competitive

Competition in the workplace is universal.  Historically, even centuries ago, hair has always represented health, vibrance and desirability.  Unfortunately, on the flip side hair loss can suggest that a person is slowing down or past their prime, which is why celebrities often use cosmetic procedures to stay trendy.  Nobody wants to get passed up for a part or a promotion because their hair is thinning!  For celebrities who need a hair overhaul, the short downtime of a hair transplant is worth the tradeoff. Just one transplant can buy them many extra years in the limelight!

Confidence – Looking and Feeling Younger

If you look good, you tend to feel better about yourself.  The goal is not trying to be something that you’re not.  Instead, it’s to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. A hair transplant typically knocks 10 or more years off your aging appearance.  As a result, you tend to be less self-conscious and more confident.   Looking your best frees up your mind to focus on accomplishing goals instead of being preoccupied with imperfections. 

Lifestyle – Freedom to Enjoy People and Activities Again

You don’t have to be a celebrity to know how awkward it can be to go someplace where you feel as if all eyes are on your hair loss.  As a result, people struggling with hair loss tend to avoid dating or going to special events, the gym, sporting events, church, or any place where people might notice their hair loss.  Wind, water, sweating, even going to work without a hat can be a challenge.  That’s why a transplant restores more than just your hair.  It restores your quality of life.

You Don’t Need to be a Celebrity to Get a Celebrity Make-Over!

Did you know that We Grow Hair has a longstanding reputation (nearly 30 years) as Music City’s go-to hair restoration facility? Although we serve many of the country’s most prominent actors and musicians, that doesn’t mean you need to be a celebrity to get VIP treatment! 

It’s affordable, effective, and all procedures are conveniently done by licensed physicians right here in our Nashville facility.  If you would like to find out more about surgical or non-surgical hair restoration, give us a call at 615-376-6010.  We’d love to help you with your hair loss!

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