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We Grow Hair's Cost Per Graft

What are you "Really" getting?

At We Grow Hair, you will most likely get more hair and fewer grafts when compared to other clinics. That’s why cost per graft is not our focus.  We charge by the coverage instead.  More hair means fewer procedures over time and we think you’ll be more satisfied with the result. 

A virtual or in-person consultation will help us give you an accurate assessment. You’ll know how large your procedure actually needs to be, based on: 

  • your expectations
  • the size of your hair loss area
  • the condition of your donor (potentially 200 hairs per sq. cm.)
  • hair type and more 
Potential hair transplant areas

Less Grafts, More Hair

At PAI Medical Group, each procedure is tailor-made for the patient.  Our strategic approach involves separating grafts into optimal sizes and hair quantities, resulting in a natural-looking, satisfying appearance.

For example, we attribute high hair density to our trademarked Multi-Unit Hair Grafts™ . These high density grafts are preserved in their untouched, natural bundle and placed behind the frontal hairline.

Because of special placement and hair count, they boost hair density while never looking pluggy. This means you can get less grafts but not less hair. In most cases, you’ll get much more hair, transplanted in its natural, original formation.

Video demonstrating how grafts can be separated

How We Do It – Custom Sized Grafts

PAI Nashville uses a custom combination of grafts to create a natural-looking hairline and hair transplant. One hair grafts are staggered artistically in front to frame the face. Two and Three hair grafts are placed behind the hairline. Finally, our trademarked Multi-Unit Hair Grafts™ are strategically placed within the thinnest areas to fortify the transplant with substantial hair density.

How Price by Graft Can Be Misleading

Dividing Same Graft Different Ways

$3.75 X 1 = $3.75
$3.75 X 1 = $3.75
Graft Soft $3.75 X 4 = $15
$3.75 X 4 = $15

How Price by Graft Can Be Misleading​

$3.75 X 1 = $3.75
$3.75 X 1 = $3.75
Graft Soft $3.75 X 4 = $15
$3.75 X 4 = $15

How Much Hair is in That Graft?

Imagine if a hair transplant clinic separated (1) four hair graft into (4) single hair grafts!  At a cost of $3.75 per graft, the total cost would quadruple! One hair grafts are beneficial in the frontal hairline but not necessarily in the vertex or crown where patients need density. Besides being more expensive, the placement of one hair grafts behind the hairline can never be as natural-looking as they were when they existed in their original bundle. 

The Real Story!

Watch this video to understand why we don’t charge by the graft.  Allow us to accurately assess your hair loss with microscopic analysis and a complimentary, private consultation so you will have a clear picture of what to expect!