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Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy For Hair Loss


Did you know that PAI Medical Group uses Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy to restore hair loss? Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy is typically known for being a noninvasive treatment option for injuries such as ligament, tendon, joint, and muscle tears, however it can actually be used for much more! Have you ever wondered what the science is behind Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy? Your body\’s own healing agent can be used to speed up the healing process in the injuries mentioned above, and it can also be used for regenerative purposes as well.


When receiving a Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy treatment, the first step is to have your blood drawn. The amount of blood drawn can vary place-to-place. Here at PAI, we draw 20 ml of blood from our patients. The blood is then separated using a centrifuge. After that, vital healing solutions are placed into four, 3 ml syringes, and injected into the area if concern.

Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy FOR HAIR LOSS

When Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy is used for hair loss, there are astounding results! You are using your own body\’s ability to heal to grow back your hair, which is scientifically amazing! The healing solution is injected into the thinning areas. Results vary from person-to-person but can be seen in as little as three months with maximum results at one year. These injections can be done individually, however, studies and current protocols recommend doing a bundle package of three or more. There are many benefits to choosing Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy as a hair loss solution. Some of those benefits are:

  • Non-Surgical Procedure
  • Affordable Option
  • Little to No Downtime
  • No Allergic Reaction
  • Quick Treatment

Want to learn more about Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy and how it can help with your hair loss? Give us a call at our office at 615-376-6010 for your complementary consultation and microscopic analysis!

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