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Hair Loss Diagnosis

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Most Advanced Microscopic Hair Analysis

At We Grow Hair, we offer the most advanced AI driven microscopic system to provide accurate hair loss diagnosis for our patients.  This system is called HairMetrix.

Why is an accurate Hair Loss Diagnosis Important?

You may or may not be a candidate for hair surgery or non-surgical hair restoration.  That’s why having an accurate hair loss diagnosis and getting honest, informative answers about your hair will help you make the best decision on next steps.

You’ll be able to follow along as your patient care consultant thoroughly examines your hair and scalp with this innovative tool. 

A closeup look reveals how many hairs are miniaturized or strong, how many hair follicles are no longer viable and what is the current condition of your donor hair area.

Hair Loss Diagnosis

Superior Hair Loss Diagnosis

15-200X Microscopic Magnification

High Resolution 1920x1080 Display

No Lab Required / Immediate Results

Clear, Concise Reports show hair loss diagnosis

Easy to understand Vellus/Terminal Ratios

Latest AI Algorithms