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Hair Loss Types

Not All Hair Loss is the Same

Types of Hair Loss

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Rapid hair loss caused by medications used during a medical treatment.  Hair usually grows back after treatment is discontinued.

Genetic hair loss or Pattern Baldness.

Auto Immune condition that causes patches of hair loss.

Skin condition that attacks all the hair follicles even the eye lashes and eye brows but not the rest of the body.

Total hair loss on the entire body everywhere. This includes facial hair such as eyebrows, eye lashes and beard, hair on and under the arms, legs, back and chest as well as pubic hair.


When thinning occurs all over the entire head.


Temporary hair loss due to hormones after pregnancy.


Due to illness or stress, hair follicles enter the Telogen or resting phase prematurely.

When hair follicles become permanently damaged and scarring occurs due to pony tails, braids or other hair styles that involve excessive pulling.

A psychological condition where the patient pulls out their own hair. If scarring occurs hair follicles can become permanently damaged.