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Hair Restoration Clinic Office Staff

Unquestionably, our office staff is delighted to help patients restore their hair in this state-of-the-art hair restoration clinic!  Because our niche is to have the most innovative, proven hair restoration solutions in the industry, we are constantly striving to offer the latest and greatest options to our patients.  In addition, our passion is to enrich and delight the lives of those we touch. To that end, it is our hope that you will feel like a true Music City VIP when you trust us with your hair!

Haley Stead, Office Administrator and Patient Care Medical Consultant

Originally, I grew up in Clarksville where I played softball for 12 years. Since graduating  from APSU with a degree in Health Care Administration, I completed my internship at We Grow Hair in administrative and marketing roles. Eventually, I married my high school sweetheart in November of 2022 and have a Chocolate Lab named Nellie. Lastly, I love being outdoors, brunching and working on self-development.

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Michael Ramsey, CEO and Clinic Director, and patient of hair restoration

I have a long history with hair loss. In the early 90’s I had an unnatural looking, pluggy hair transplant with another hair restoration clinic. Unsatisfied with the results, I did my research and eventually decided to partner with PAI Medical Group / We Grow Hair to open their first US based, hair restoration clinic in Nashville. That was nearly 30 years ago. It wasn’t long after that, that PAI’s skilled surgeons corrected my unsightly procedure and changed my life and the countless lives of others forever.


  • Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Business Administration and Management
  • Masters Degree / MBA in Health Care Management
  • Specialized in Hair Restoration Since 1999.
  • Author & Speaker
  • Trichologist
  • Is a Patient

Without a doubt, Michael is considered to be a “thought leader” in the field of hair restoration and treatment. What’s more is he has authored over a dozen articles about hair loss and hair transplant surgery. Recently, he wrote two chapters in Dr. Sam Lam’s book entitled Hair Transplant 360. Markedly, he’s also been listed in the Who’s Who publication in Nashville.

Michael is a regular attendee at the annual International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons conferences, as well as a lecturer.

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Katie Dodson - Patient Care Medical Consultant Manager

Originally from Cookeville, Tennessee, I shared a home with 4 amazing siblings. I am happily married, and a mom to Hadley Grace and Sophie Caroline. Because I have worked in the aesthetic industry for over a decade, I enjoy helping people look and feel better about themselves. Subsequently, working at We Grow Hair’s hair restoration clinic is a natural fit. My Bachelor’s degree is in Arts and Sciences with a concentration in foreign languages and professional communication. Additionally, I love the lake, my puppy and good hair!

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Alex Farless, Administrative Assistant

I was born and raised in Western Kentucky with my 2 brothers and a large extended family. In 2015, I found my way to Nashville. My B.A. is in Communications with a focus in Public Relations. In my free time I like to create with different mediums, be active outside, and spend time with friends and family. I have always enjoyed helping others gain confidence in themselves and their appearance. Consequently, I coming work at We Grow Hair was a good fit!

Clay Heyer, Finance and HR

I was born and raised in California and relocated to Nashville in 2021. Undeniably, I love reading about U.S. history and jogging in the beautiful summer evenings. In essence, I decided to work for We Grow Hair because I love helping people. Without a doubt, We Grow Hair changes people’s lives for the better by changing how they view themselves.

Teresa Richards - Digital Marketing

Born and raised in South Florida, I dreamed of one day migrating to Tennessee, my ancestors’ state of origin. Although I began my career in computer technology, I pursued a degree at the Art Institute of Florida. As a result, I eventually merged my love of art, writing, photography, videography and computers to develop a career in web design and marketing. Happily married, I’m the mother of two children and one very colorful chameleon! Above all, my faith in Christ is an integral part of my life. Additionally, my hobbies include hiking nature trails, birdwatching, writing and photography.  Finally, I’m incredibly grateful that I can use my skills to help people find life changing hair restoration.

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