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Hair Transplant After Chemotherapy

Chris Luckey Hair Transplant

Chris Luckey Hippie Radio 94.5

(After Chemotherapy)

Chris Luckey Hair Transplant After Chemotherapy

Chris Luckey's Progress up until Chemotherapy


Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5 Chemo Began

Month 6

Chris Luckey after Chemo

More than a Year Later!

Hair Transplant After Chemotherapy

It’s been a couple years since Chris Lucky had his hair surgery and a bout with throat cancer. We are so excited to show you his progress, and we are thankful that he is doing so well.

Chemotherapy may have temporarily complicated his hair transplant, but his hair continues to thicken and get healthier.  

Chris Luckey after Chemo

Chris Lucky's Progress

Watch as Michael talks to Chris Luckey before his hair transplant.  Follow through until he finds out about the challenge that is ahead and find out what happens to a hair after chemotherapy.