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Hair Transplant at a Young Age

I didn't expect this! I'm too young for hair loss! It's not fair

How Young is Too Young?

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am i too young for a hair transplant

It completely turned everything around for me..."


Why Johnathan Had a Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ Transplant

It’s rare that We Grow Hair considers a hair transplant at a young age.  In Johnathan’s case, he met unique criteria, which cleared him for the procedure.   Young people considering a hair transplant:

  • You must be committed to a lifetime of Non-surgical hair maintenance
  • You must understand that more than one procedure is likely
  • You must understand the risks involved
  • You must understand the financial responsibility
  • You must be a candidate 

Am I Too Young for a Hair Transplant?

The younger you are, the more UNPREDICTABLE your FUTURE hair loss will be!

As a person in your 20’s, non-surgical hair restoration options should be your first choice in hair ‘maintenance’. The goal is to keep as much of your hair as you can until a more predictable hair loss pattern becomes apparent.


It’s highly unlikely that PAI would consider doing your transplant unless there are extremely unusual circumstances. You would have to be committed to non-surgical hair restoration modalities, with parental consent and meet certain criteria.


If you are committed to non-surgical hair restoration modalities, there is a  chance that you might qualify as a candidate if our surgeons feel that a hair transplant would be beneficial for your future.


If you are committed to a non-surgical hair restoration regimen you are probably old enough to consider hair surgery under the right circumstances.

Worst Case Scenerio

Why You May Want to Think Twice!

Can you get a hair transplant in your 20s? Imagine yourself at 18 and your hair is starting to recede in your temples. Suppose you were to get a hair transplant in that area only. Let’s also pretend you don’t have any plan for non-surgical hair loss maintenance/prevention. Your transplant might look great for a while, but what happens if the hair behind the transplant begins to fall out? Your future hair loss could potentially start at the frontal hairline and and extend throughout the crown. Apart from looking at the genetics of your parents and grandparents, we have no way of knowing what your future hair loss will look like. As you grow older when your hair loss pattern is more established, doctors can more easily design a hair transplant based on the perceived direction of your pattern baldness.

18 yr old - Before Transplant

18 yr old - After Transplant

young man with a hair transplant

Possible future w/o Transplant

advanced hair loss

Possible future with Transplant

young man potentially later in life with one hair transplant

Young Hair Transplant Patients