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We have hundreds of hair transplant before and after photos for you to browse through. See even more when you come in for a private, free consultation with one of our patient care consultants! 

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Questions You Might Have When Looking at our Hair Transplant Before and After Photos

As you shop around for a good hair surgeon, this should be one of your first questions. Most of our photos represent just one procedure.  If a patient has had more than one procedure, it is indicated in their photo gallery. 

We Grow Hair offers two types of hair transplant procedures. Our procedures include ARTAS Robotic FUE and our trademarked FUT procedure called Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™.  They type of procedure will be indicated in each patient's photo gallery.

Our parent company, PAI Medical Group, houses a team of surgeons and medical team members who have collectively served together for many years. Each person showcased in our photo gallery has undergone a transplant either at our facility or through the expertise of one of our hair transplant surgeons, who also operates at our location.

Every patient is different, however you can see significant results as early as 4 months or as late as 6-8 months.  The final outcome can be seen at 12-14 months.

Each patient presents unique characteristics, influenced by factors such as the quality of donor hair, hair type, overall health, medications, scalp elasticity, previous procedures, and other variables. Through our innovative Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ Procedure, patients have the potential to receive a substantial quantity of hair, typically ranging from 6,000 to 8,000 hairs in a single transplant session. This considerable volume of transplanted hair holds the promise of effectively restoring extensive areas of scalp.

The hair transplanted from the back of the patient's head is resistant to the hormone responsible for hair loss. Consequently, the transplanted hairs retain their original attributes, ensuring longevity comparable to their natural lifespan if they had remained in their original location at the back of the head.

On our website, there are countless hair transplant before and after images available for viewing. However, during a private consultation, you'll have access to thousands more. Serving Nashville for nearly three decades, our extensive collection allows you to view and potentially meet individuals who share your hair type.

Our photo gallery has a filter.  If you click "MUHG", you can see just the FUT before and after photos.

Our before and after gallery has a filter.  If you would like to see just FUE before and after photos, click "ARTAS FUE".

You'll notice on the submenu, you can select from other photo galleries such as anonymous, archives, lsaer therapy and more.  Plus, if you come in for a private consultation, you can see thousands more photos in the office.