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Solutions for Hair Loss Caused by Scars, Burns and Birth Defects

There are times when your hair loss may not be caused by pattern baldness.  It could be from a scar, burn or other birth defect.  At We Grow Hair we can help. Watch these videos to find out more about camouflaging a scar, burn or birth defect.

FAQs about Scars

You can achieve natural-looking coverage for scars, burns and birth defects with a hair transplant.  Coverage works as camouflage to discretely hide the area of concern.  

Covering a scar, burn or birth defect will always look different depending upon the individual area in question.  Your surgeon will be able to evaluate the risks and rewards of using hair transplantation to hide an area of thinning.

All of PAI / We Grow Hair's surgeons are licensed, experienced medical doctors who perform hair transplants and corrective procedures.

Every hair transplant involves additional scarring.  However, We Grow Hair's procedures involve techniques that minimize additional scars while concealing problems areas. 

We Grow Hair has been doing hair transplants in Nashville for nearly 30 years.  We have a reputation for safe, long-term results because of our experienced doctors, staff and advanced procedures.   

Yes, most patients get 50-80% growth in the scar which is enough to adequately camouflage the scar’s appearance.

Not everyone is a candidate for this type of procedure.  If the scar is not vascular, hair follicles will not survive due to diminished blood supply beneath the surface of the skin. The scar may be too wide and deep for hair restoration to be successful.  A consultation is the only way to determine whether or not this type of scar correction is right for you.

We Grow Hair provides comprehensive post-procedure care and support from their medical team. This includes guidance on caring for the transplanted area, managing any discomfort or swelling, and addressing any concerns or questions that may arise during the recovery period. Overall, individuals seeking hair transplantation for scar revision, burn reconstruction, or correction of birth defects are looking for solutions that not only improve the appearance of the affected area but also enhance their self-confidence and quality of life. They value procedures that are tailored to their specific needs and delivered with expertise, care, and attention to detail.

Unlike a regular hair transplant, an FUE scar correction is relatively short taking approximately one hour.

In rare cases where there is no improvement in the scar’s appearance,  we can use FUE to harvest the hair, eliminating a linear scar altogether, and implant harvested hair follicles directly into the scar.  This alternative procedure would be done at a discount.

SMP is a semi-permanent solution as it begins to fade after approximately 10 years.