eyebrow transplant donor area

What is an Eyebrow Transplant?

An Eyebrow transplant can enhance one’s appearance by improving one of your most noticeable facial features. In addition to protecting the eyes, they frame the face and help us to communicate better with facial expression. Many women suffer with thin or transparent eyebrows from over-plucking, genetic loss through the aging process, or were just born with thin, even non-existent eyebrows.

How Does an Eyebrow Transplant Work?

In an eyebrow transplant, hair is taken from the lower occipital region in the back of the head where hair grows in finer, softer and more slowly. Our skilled surgeons pay careful attention to the angle and direction of the transplanted hairs so that the result will look completely natural.

Two Ways to Harvest Hair for Your Eyebrows

Hair will be taken from the donor area in one of two ways, ARTAS or MUHG. We will help you decide which method is best for you.


The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant is the first robot assisted FUE procedure. PAI / We Grow Hair was one of the first clinics to use ARTAS technology in the nation.

Circular Scars for ARTAS eyebrow transplant


1No Linear Scar

2Less Invasive

3Quicker Recovery

BMulti-Unit Harvesting

The MUHG Harvesting technique was co-developed right here in PAI Nashville. Although it involves a paper thin linear scar, the advantages are worth it.

Linear scar for MUHG eyebrow transplant


1Best Value

2Easier Shorter Procedure

I Have Questions!

Will it grow?

Yes!  The hair transplanted from the back of your head to your eyebrows is your very own hair.  When it’s moved it will behave the same way it did before it was harvested.  That means it will grow more quickly than regular eyebrow hair and you will have to trim it frequently.  Over time the transplanted hair will often adopt a slower growth rate more like the native eyebrow hairs.

What does it look like after the procedure?
You will experience some redness after the procedure.  The hair follicles taken from the occipital zone are so fine and small that scabs are smaller than a flake of pepper. These scabs will form and remain for about 5 days until they start to fall off.  By the 10th day the scabs will be completely gone.
Does it hurt?

Our doctors use a mild local anesthesia so you should feel very little discomfort during the procedure.  Afterwards, you will be prescribed a pain killer for discomfort in the harvesting area, however, many patients simply use Tylenol instead.

Is it permanent?

Yes, because the hair comes from the safe donor area the hairs maintain that same permanent genetic code. However continual plucking can lead to these hairs being killed over time.  The only factor you should be aware of is that unlike eyebrow hair, harvested hair from your head will retain its genetic characteristics and continue to grow.  This means that it will need to be trimmed periodically.

Will it look natural?
We can only speak for the doctors here at PAI / We Grow Hair.  Just like a traditional hair transplant, an eyebrow transplant requires the artistic skill of a well trained surgeon.  Angle,  direction and placement is extremely important in an eyebrow transplant.  When done correctly, the newly transplanted hair in your eyebrows looks completely natural.  Ten days after the procedure, no one will ever know you had it done.
When can I go out in public?
For eyebrow transplants we typically advise that you take off the day of the procedure and the following day unless you have a very physically strenuous job. An eyebrow transplant is very undetectable even in the first few days.
When will I see results?
Results from an eyebrow transplant can be seen as early as 2 or 3 months!
Make your eyes look sexy with an eyebrow transplant

A Story about Renee

We recently did a beautiful and elegant female model who’d damaged her eyebrows as a young girl. One half of one eyebrow was completely gone so she had no choice but to pencil them in before leaving home each morning. She found PAI Medical Group and now her brows are filling in nicely. Soon she will be able to go all-natural with little to no pencil at all. She is thrilled!

Michael Ramsey

Clinic Director, PAI Medical / WeGrowHair.com


PAI Medical eyebrow transplant patient Renee and her dramatic before and after results.

Renee says, “It was so easy, I went in and the doctor and I designed my eyebrows with a marker first. Then, he gave me a mild sedative to relax me. Before I knew it, we were done and I was on my way to Florida for vacation.” According to Renee’s eyebrow transplant doctor, “The eyebrows take a special touch. I use very fine, soft hairs and angle them flat against the brow so they look natural.”