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Micropigmentation in Nashville

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Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Scalp Micropigmentation in Nashville (SMP) Results

Patients are transformed in a single day!

Scalp Micropigmentation in Nashville for Women
Scalp Micropigmentation in Nashville
Scalp Micropigmentation in Nashville

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Scalp Micropigmentation in Nashville

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Why Josh chose SMP

Josh chose scalp micropigmentation in Nashville (SMP) because:

  • It’s an easy non-surgical process
  • Results are immediate
  • It’s more affordable than a hair transplant
  • Josh likes to wear his hair shaven for work

If Josh chooses to get a hair transplant later, he can. SMP does not interfere with a hair transplant.

Micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical technique that embeds colored pigment into your scalp creating a 5 o’clock shadow, which minimizes the appearance of baldness or thinning.

Technicians use a specially designed instrument to create micro-dots using pigment that is color matched to the patient’s hair. The treatment is natural-looking and comfortable.

Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation in Nashville (SMP)

  • Natural-looking, Short Stubble Hair Styles
  • Very little discomfort
  • Filling in Thin Areas
  • Camouflaging Scars/Birthmarks
  • Fast Results
  • Low Maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Entire area covered in one session (touch up sessions may be necessary to complete look)
  • Natural-looking, Short Stubble Hair Styles
  • Very little discomfort
  • Filling in Thin Areas
  • Camouflaging Scars/Birthmarks
  • Fast Results
  • Low Maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Entire area covered in one session (touch up sessions may be necessary to complete look

Let's Talk About Financing!

We Grow Hair offers flexible monthly payment plans.

We Grow Hair is Proud to Partner with Good Look Ink

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We are excited to partner with Good Look Ink to bring our patients a “Single Session” approach.  In just one session, our technicians will target your entire area of hair loss, ensuring you leave with complete coverage. Additional treatments may be needed to enhance the treated area as necessary.

With Good Look Ink,  clients can get popular scalp micropigmentation in Nashville with Good Look’s premier pigment and certified technicians.

Does it Hurt like a Tattoo?

and is it natural-looking?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is nothing like a tattoo.  There is some discomfort but it’s minimal.  It’s hard to distinguish a real hair from a virtual one because of pigment color and placement of micro-dots, which makes it extremely natural-looking.  Watch this video as Josh gets SMP and discusses the pain, the process of creating a natural-looking hairline and more. 

FAQs about SMP

The pigment is matched to the color of your hair, which makes it very difficult to distinguish between real hair and SMP.

We Grow Hair  always strives to use the best techniques in hair restoration.  That's why we are proud to partner with Good Look Ink,  the largest SMP provider in the United States.  GLI pioneered the SMP treatment. 

Although there is an element of mild discomfort, it is surprisingly comfortable.  

Micropigmentation is permanent but will start to fade over time.  Some patients find it necessary to touch-up over time.  We use high quality pigment and the process can be repeated more than once.
Micropigmentation is more affordable than many hair restoration alternatives.  Prices vary.  Contact one of our medical consultants to find out how much SMP would cost for you.
Micropigmentation is best for patients with medium to dark skin tone and brown or black hair.  It is more challenging to create the illusion of hair when a patient has light skin or a light hair color such as red or blonde.

SMP is a great procedure to be used in conjunction with other hair restoration modalities. It's extremely effective in camouflaging a thinning scalp or hiding scars from a transplant. It won't interfere with laser, plasma treatments, prescriptions, or topical products.

Yes. Unlike a tattoo that goes through several layers, micropigmentation is done only in the first layer which makes it easier to remove.
No.   SMP doesn't feel like a tattoo, it doesn't go through several layers of skin like a tattoo, and the pigment used is pure (It doesn’t have constituent colors mixed with it). Often times, tattoo artists combine several colors to create another color, which increases the chance of color/hue shifting  over time.  We use a vegan friendly, salt based, pure dermal pigment.
Yes! Micropigmentation enhances a hair transplant! It does not interfere with hair transplantation. 
The entire area of hair loss will be covered during the initial session.  Additional treatments may be necessary to enhance the overall result. Should an extra session be needed, we advise waiting for one month between treatments.