Hair Restoration
Hair analysis scope

Most Advanced Hair Restoration Technology for Hair Regrowth!


Mediocre or Most Advanced: What is your choice for hair restoration?

That’s easy right? When looking for a hair regrowth solution, who doesn’t want the most advanced option? But you probably have many questions.

Is it affordable? Is it readily available? You might even ask yourself:


“How do I know which clinic has the most advanced, most effective solutions when I don’t know anything about hair restoration?\”

\"hairThat is a fair question.  With a BBB A+ rating and over 25 years of hair restoration experience, PAI Medical Group / We Grow Hair continues to lead the industry in not one, but ALL of the most advanced solutions available. (Robotic FUE, MUHG, Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy, Laser Therapy, Micro-Pigmentation and the best hair growth products)

Matchless Diagnosis Means a Superior Treatment

How many hairs do you have? How does that compare to others who are the same age and gender? What is affecting your hair loss? We not only have the most outstanding solutions, we also offer the best in-depth hair loss analysis and diagnosis.  This insures that you will receive the most successful treatment and the most effective outcome.

Pictured right is an example of the detailed hair analysis data collected by our knowledgeable consultants.  

Our state-of-the-art microscopic camera not only captures images at magnifications that can\’t be seen with the naked  eye, it also provides  a plethora of important data that our hair consultants use to diagnose your hair loss situation.

Hair Restoration Science

\"analysis3\"With our sophisticated skin and hair analysis microscope and diagnostic tools, we will identify and document details about the health of your scalp, pours, cuticles, vessels and hair follicles.

After a consultation, you will feel satisfied because you will understand the science behind your hair loss.

How thick is your hair? How many hairs per square centimeter do you have? What would that mean if you were to get a hair transplant? What is actually better for you? FUE or MUHG? Could your hair be improved with a non-surgical solution or is surgery your best option? By understanding these important characteristics, we can tailor the most effective hair restoration treatment for you.

Did you know we offer an in-depth complimentary consultation so you can make the best decision about your hair?     Schedule an appointment today!