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Nashville Hair Blogger

Nashville Hair Blogger

Katie Dodson - Patient Care Medical Consultant Manager

Co-Host of We Talk Hair, Katie Dodson is one of the contributors of the Nashville Hair Blogger and Patient Care Consultant Manager at PAI Medical Group, Nashville’s Country and Christian Music Stars #1 choice for hair restoration. 

Hair Transplants

Doctor or Technician: Who is Doing Your Hair Transplant?

Did you know that in many states, including Tennessee, some clinics are substituting licensed surgeons for non-licensed hair transplant technicians who may have little or ...
Nashville Hair Blogger

Why a Cheap Hair Transplant Isn’t So Cheap

Should you be wary of a “Cheap Hair Transplant”? Before you go any further in your search for hair restoration you owe it to yourself ...
where does donor hair come from?
Nashville Hair Blogger

Where Does Donor Hair Come From?

The process of getting a hair transplant can be a little daunting if you’re unsure of how it works, so do your due diligence and ...