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Nashville Hair Blogger

Nashville Hair Blogger

Katie Dodson - Patient Care Medical Consultant Manager

Co-Host of We Talk Hair, Katie Dodson is one of the contributors of the Nashville Hair Blogger and Patient Care Consultant Manager at PAI Medical Group, Nashville’s Country and Christian Music Stars #1 choice for hair restoration. 

Alternatives to Surgery

Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy For Hair Loss

WHAT IS IT? Did you know that PAI Medical Group uses Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy to restore hair loss? Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy is typically ...
Hair Transplants

Does a Hair Transplant Ever Fail?

    If you struggle with hair loss, you’ve probably explored every option, including a hair transplant. One of the most frequently asked questions is, ...
what is alopecia?
Hair Transplant Tips

What is Alopecia? And How do I cure it?

Alopecia simply means ‘loss of hair’ or baldness. More importantly, you may wish to know what causes hair loss and how it can be cured. ...