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Can a Pluggy Hair Transplant Be Fixed?


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When I came to PAI Medical Group, I’d had some hair transplants done in Atlanta and was not happy with it. My hair looked pluggy and unnatural. PAI fixed it and I was able to be comfortable with my appearance again. PAI exceeded my expectations in more ways than I can count. Thank you PAI Medical Group!

Michael’s First Transplant Was Pluggy

He had a procedure in 1989 but when the hair grew in it was pluggy and unnatural — that was standard back then. In 1994 he had a corrective procedure at PAI Medical to soften and improve his hairline. You can see the before hairline picture showing the hair plugs and then a recent picture taken in 2010 of the correction. What an improvement! Over 2 decades later, Michael is the clinic director here in Nashville! He uses many non-surgical hair treatments to keep his non-transplanted hair!

Michael talks about his hair transplant correction

Michael wanted to do something permanent to restore his hair. That was 1989. Over two decades later Michael is the clinic director at PAI Medical / We Grow Hair in Nashville and he talks about why it is advantageous to get a permanent hair transplant.

3 Decades Later and Michael’s Hair Transplant Still Looks Great!

Listen as Michael talks about PAI’s hair transplant clinic in Nashville and his lifelong passion for helping people with hair loss.