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How do you reverse hair loss?


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Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

6 months down 6 months to go

The Fastest Way to Reverse Hair Loss is a Hair Transplant

Timothy’s case it took less than they typical 12-14 months to reverse his hair loss.  When Timothy came to  PAI his hair loss was advancing at an uncomfortably fast rate.  

It might seem inconceivable that in just 6 short months a person’s hair loss can be reversed in such an immeasurable way.  However, with just one Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure, Timothy looks like he never had a hair loss problem at all. The best part is, the transplanted hair is permanent.

Timothy Reversed His Hair Loss and Regained Confidence

Watch this video where Timothy had a Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure. You can see by his photos that Timothy experienced a significant change in just one procedure. Listen as he talks about how his hair transplant changed his look and gave him more confidence.