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Can I use products in my hair to make it look fuller?


Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

12 Month Results

Joe’s Hair Transplant Made it Easier to Style His Hair

Anyone with hair loss knows that trying to style your hair every morning can be a real challenge. There aren’t any products that are as effective as a hair transplant. As a matter of fact, many products actually make your hair look thinner. After his hair transplant, Joe doesn’t have to struggle when he’s getting ready to go out anymore. It’s fun again to style his hair because he looks his best. His hair is back and it’s permanent. In his estimation this is priceless.

Todd's Second Transplant

We have the results of Todd’s second transplant and he’s thrilled with the results. Watch as Todd talks about his second procedure.

Todd's First Transplant

Todd had a lot of hair loss. With so much area to cover, he knew after the consultation with the doctor that it would take two procedures to get his hair back just the way he wanted it. This video shows us what Todd looked like after his first procedure. He is super happy with the results so far and looks forward to the final outcome after his second procedure. Stay tuned to see his final results.