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Why Should You Have 2 Hair Transplants?


Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

12 Month Results - 2 Transplants

Will I Really Need More Than One Hair Transplant?

Maybe, Maybe Not. Often times, one Multi-Unit Hair Transplant procedure is enough. In other cases, depending upon the patient’s circumstances, a second treatment may be necessary. Expectations plays an important role in deciding what’s best for you. More hair is always better so depending on your donor area, the area of hair loss, your age and the type of hair you have, a second hair transplant might be just right for you. Call our office today to find out more about your specific situation. We will educate you about your hair loss and the different solutions that might work best for you.

Every Patient is Different and Sometimes Two Hair Transplants are Better!

In Ken’s particular situation he had a lot of hair loss. Based on his density, hair type, elasticity and area of hair loss he needed two procedures. He knew going into the first procedure that he might need a second procedure to have a finished look. After procedure number two, Ken couldn’t be happier! He has a full head of hair and the guys in the squad room don’t tease him about his hair loss any longer!