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Will My Hair Line look Natural After a Hair Transplant?


Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

12 Month Results

Having this procedure done with PAI Medical Group was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I made the decision to have this done for a number of reasons but the biggest was for myself. I didn’t like the way hair loss made me feel and the change it had on my life. The team at PAI made my hair restoration experience an exciting and educational one. I can not speak highly enough of there caring and professional conduct. It was a pleasure allow them to meet my needs.

Murray’s Hairline Looks Completely Natural

Murray is a young man but he was already feeling the effects of what it’s like to have an old appearance because of thinning hair. Hair loss can sometimes be extremely unfair, however, you don’t have to live with it. Murray got ONE level 12 procedure and he looks like a brand new man. This hairline was completely rebuilt but because of the artistic skill of our surgeons, his hairline looks as if Murray was born with it!

Listen as Murray Talks About His Hair Transplant

A hair transplant can be a game changer. It will definitely make you feel younger and more confident.