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Stopping Hair Loss in Early Stages


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Laser Therapy

12 Month Results

Matt's Hair Loss is Just Beginning

Using preventive non-surgical hair restoration solutions can really help you hang on to your hair.  That’s what Matt chose to do when he came to We Grow Hair a few years ago.

Laser Therapy Since 2013

Matt has been a laser therapy patient since 2013. He subscribes to laser therapy treatments in order to prevent future hair loss and maintain his own natural thick, healthy hair. In 2013, the hair in his temples was beginning to recede. After consistently using laser therapy, his temple area has regrown as you can see in the video shown here. Matt is very proactive about hair loss prevention. That’s why he recently took advantage of our new Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy treatments. Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy is a process in which the patient’s own reparative proteins are drawn and injected into the scalp to boost hair growth. Laser therapy, Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy and our Anagen products are just a few ways you can help prevent hair loss.