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Can African Americans Get a Hair Transplant?

Any patient with curly hair should be careful when choosing a hair restoration clinic. Choosing the wrong clinic could potentially be a disaster. The reason for this is that the hair also curls beneath the skin and can be damaged or destroyed during transplantation if the clinic is not experienced. Dane chose PAI Medical Group because they have specialized in hair restoration for 25+ years. Dane is catching his hair loss early. Even with hair loss measured at a Norwood Scale 3, hair loss was beginning to bother him. He wanted to see his frontal hairline thickened the way it was when he was a teenager. A hair transplant is exactly what he needed to strengthen his density all throughout.

Dane Chose Multi-Unit Hair Grafting

This photo was taken 1 year after Dane’s procedure. Despite his close haircut, as you can see there is no evidence of any scars.    Caution:   Patients who are prone to keloid scarring should talk to our office about all your options.