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Getting a Hair Transplant in Time for Your Wedding


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Do You Have a Big Event Coming Up?

Would you like to improve your hairline for an upcoming special event or wedding? PAI has specialized in hair restoration for over 25 years so you can trust them with the outcome of your hair transplant. It’s best to prepare a full year in advance to ensure complete growth but you can see improvements in your hair as early as 4 months after a transplant. Do you have questions about your hair? Call and speak to a consultant today.

Logan Wanted to Restore His Hair for His Wedding Day

A once in a lifetime event can either be one of the most exciting moments in your life or one of the most dreaded moments in your life depending on how confident you feel about your appearance. In Logan’s case, he was going to marry a beautiful woman and he wanted to look his very best. He had 1 year to plan for it so he decided to do something about his hair. He chose PAI Medical Group because the outcome was too critical to gamble with the results. After his transplant, he was excited to discover that he made the right decision. Getting his hair restored allowed him to feel confident at his wedding. Choosing PAI to do it, was a wise decision. Both Logan and his wife couldn’t be happier about his hair and they love their wedding pictures.