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For Those Who Are Afraid of Hair Surgery

JP hesitated to have a hair transplant for many years. He was smart to use alternatives like laser therapy to hold on to the hair he had. He finally decided to get a hair transplant to restore the frontal hairline and he’s glad he did.

JP Waited a Long Time Before He Decided to Get a Transplant

He’s only 8 months along with 4 months of growth still to go and his hair is already completely filled in. Watch now to see his progress.

Watch JP’s Surgery thru 10 Days After

JP says now that he wishes he would have done it sooner. The procedure was so easy he doesn’t know why he hesitated. His advise to those with thinning hair is not to wait. Laser therapy definitely helped him slow down his hair loss but as you will see in a later video, a hair transplant brought his hairline back completely.