Hair Restoration

Can Laser Help Long Hair?


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Laser Therapy

4 Month Results

Rock Star Hair the Non-Surgical Way

Some people aren’t ready for a surgical solution. Laser hair therapy is the perfect way to slow your hair loss. Sometimes when your hair starts to thin, your hair dresser might suggest that you cut your hair shorter.  That is good advice, because it gives your hair the illusion of thickness, however, David is in a rock band and wanted to continue to wear his hair longer. Laser Therapy was the perfect solution.

David Wanted His Hair Back in a Non-Surgical Way

Music and performing has always been a part of David’s life. His hair loss was beginning to interfere with his image. That’s when he decided to look into non-surgical alternatives to hair restoration. Maybe one day hair surgery will be in the cards for him, but for now, laser therapy is bringing his hair back.