Hair Restoration

Best Hair Loss Treatment in Nashville


Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

12 Month Results

Jay Searched for the Best Hair Loss Treatment in Nashville and Found it!

Jay did his research and found the best possible hair treatments available in the Nashville area. He had a broad choice at PAI. Laser Therapy, Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy, Micropigmentation, ARTAS Robotic FUE and Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ (MUHG) are many of the choices at PAI. Jay ultimately chose MUHG because he had a large area of hair loss to cover. Jay only had one procedure and it’s easy to see that you can achieve a youthful look and take 10 years off your appearance!

Jay Wanted a Fresh Start

Jay didn’t like the way his hair looked when he competed on stage as an amateur body builder. His hair made him look much older than he was. After getting a hair transplant at PAI Medical Group, his appearance now matches the way he feels.