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How Do I Hide My Hair Loss?


Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

6 Month Results

Hiding Your Hair Loss

Hiding your hair loss can be time consuming and even expensive. Maybe you hide it by working hard in the mirror every morning with challenging hair styles. Maybe you spend money on expensive hair systems or wigs. Bryan was able to hide his hair loss with a large amount of remaining hair.  However, he decided that he had enough with thinning hair. It was time for a permanent solution.

Bryan Was an Out-Of-Town Patient

Due to photo quality, we don’t always post after photos if the patient is out-of-town, however, Bryan’s results were too outstanding not to share.  Both the 6 month photos above and the 2 year photo below were taken by our patient.  Also below is what Bryan looked like on the day of surgery when his hair was pushed out of the way.

Day of Surgery

Loose Hair Out of the Way

Two Years Later

Bryan was tired of trying to hide his hair loss

Bryan wanted a more permanent solution for his hair loss. He researched all his options and discovered the best procedure for his situation. When you have curly hair, sometimes FUE is not your best option. That’s why he decided to go with PAI’s Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™. Because this procedure delivers double the hair, even with only 6 month results his what he has already is extremely satisfying. With 6 months of growth to go, Bryan can’t wait for the complete results!