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A Great Hair Style for Thinning Hair


Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

6 Month Results - 6 Months to Go

More Importantly, A Great Hair Style that is Permanent

The only good hairstyle for thinning hair, short of shaving your head, involves a permanent solution which is a hair transplant. It’s only been 6 months and Kurt can now easily style his hair.

Kurt Was Beginning to Lose His Frontal Hairline and He didn’t want a Linear Scar

For patients with a small area to be transplanted, sometimes ARTAS FUE is the right choice especially if you don’t want a linear scar. During his research he discovered that the ARTAS Robotic hair transplant is the best type of FUE procedure available. It’s more accurate and faster than hand-held FUE devices. It’s less fatiguing for both the staff and patients and the results are better.