Hair Restoration

Quick Way to Improve Your Hair

Jordan Tinkle "JT"

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Laser Therapy

2 Month Results

Are You Looking for a Quick Solution to Improve Your Hair?

In two or three months, patients can begin to see positive changes in their hair health with FDA approved laser hair therapy. With regular treatment, you will begin to notice that thinning ‘fly away’ hair will begin to get stronger. Hair that is wispy or recently fell out might come back. Laser therapy is a great way to get your hair growing again.

Radio Personality “JT” 104-5 The Zone Gets Quick Results with Laser Therapy

Listen in as JT describes his experience with laser therapy. Although it’s not ‘instant gratification’, laser treatments can regrow hair relatively quickly. JT has been sitting under PAI’s robotic laser chair for approximately 2 months and he’s already seeing a change in the thickness and health of his hair.