Hair Restoration

Women with Advanced Hair Loss


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Laser Therapy

6 Month Results

What Can You Do With Advanced Hair Loss?

There are many things women can do when they have advanced hair loss. A hair transplant is an option for those who do not have diffuse hair loss. Laser Therapy and Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy treatments is also a great option for those who don’t want surgery. PAI also offers very effective hair products and vitamins that help patients achieve thicker healthier hair.

After 27 Years Marivuana Decided to Do Something About Her Hair!

We always tell patients that it’s important to do something about their hair loss as soon as possible for best results. This will help patients avoid losing more hair and provide the best environment to continue growing healthy hair. In Marivuana’s case she was unable combat her hair loss for many years. At PAI we like to tell our patients that there is always hope for those with hair loss. Although, the main objective was simply to stop future hair loss, Marivuana was able to get thicker healthier hair. She is thrilled with the results.