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Hair Transplant with Long Hair


Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

12 Month Results

Do You Have Long Hair that’s Thinning?

In some cases FUE is a better choice, and in other cases it is not. Robert likes to wear his hair long and he didn’t want to shave the entire back of his head for an FUE transplant. That’s why Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ is such a good solution. A very small area of hair is shaved in his donor area to harvest hair. After the area is sutured, it is hidden away underneath his long hair. Plus, patients receive double the hair with a Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure when compared to FUE. It was a simple decision for Robert and his results are amazing!

Robert Didn’t Think His Hair Transplant Would Look This Thick and Natural! (7 month Video)

Robert got a Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure 7 months ago. With still 5 months left to grow, Robert can’t believe the progress. He never expected to have such thick natural results in such a short time. Now that the thinning areas are gone, his long hair style looks like it did when he was much younger.