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Does a Hair Transplant Work for Fine Hair?


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I have Fine Hair. Does a Hair Transplant Make Sense?

Most people with hair loss will benefit from a hair transplant. Although a person with coarse, curly hair will see more dramatic results, a person with fine hair will still see a noticeable, life-changing improvement. If you are contemplating a hair transplant, speak with one of our medical consultants to see examples of hair transplants for patients with fine hair.

Do You Have Fine Hair? A Hair Transplant Can Work for You.

Like the patient featured in this video, Dezheng had an MUHG procedure. Dezheng has very fine hair but as you can see, his hair transplant made a huge difference in his appearance. His frontal hairline is soft and natural. He caught his hair loss in the beginning, which is a critical first step if you want to keep your hair. He is back on track today with a restored hairline, and he will see less hair loss in his future with non-surgical hair loss treatments.