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How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take to Grow?


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8 Month Results - 4 Months to Go

Every Patient’s Progress is Different?

Just as your fingerprint is unique, every hair transplant is different. Even when the same patient has more than one hair transplant, the results or the experience may be slightly different. A lot depends on which phase of hair growth the transplanted follicles are in.

By 8 Months You Should Be Seeing Results.

This patient had his hair transplant 8 months ago just like the patient featured on this page. He still has 4 more months of growth to go. Typically you will start to see your newly transplanted hairs begin to show at 4 months. At first they are miniaturized but soon they will thicken and regain their color. Once that happens your hair will begin to look thicker. Patient’s typically won’t see final results until 12 or 14 months. To find out more about hair transplants, call our office at 615-376-6010.