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Can I Lower My Hairline?


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Lowered a Hairline to Improve Facial Symmetry

This patient simply wanted a lower hairline. She spent her entire life struggling with facial symmetry she wasn’t happy with. She came to PAI Medical Group and asked if she could fill in that thinning area that framed her entire face. We said yes! Lowering a natural hairline isn’t always the best option, and our clinic won’t do it unless it falls within reasonable facial symmetry. Are you wondering if your hairline can be lowered? Find out by booking a free, private consultation!

Hair Transplant for Women: 6 mo Down and 6 mo to come!

The exciting part is that this hair transplant is only 6 months in. Sandra still has 6 entire months of growth still to come. The hair moved to the frontal hairline is genetically preprogrammed to never fall out. Her face is framed so much better and her facial symmetry is exactly what she had hoped for. We are so excited for her progress. Stay tuned to see her procedure video and the progress she will make in the next 6 months.