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How to Reduce Women’s Hair Loss


Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

6 Month Results

What’s a Guaranteed Solution for Woman’s Hair Loss?

Women’s hair loss can be devastating especially when you are young. There are several ways to reduce women’s hair loss. Some solutions are non-surgical, however many women opt for a hair transplant. The best option for surgical hair restoration is Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ Because you don’t have to shave the back of your head (like FUE procedures). If you are a candidate for hair restoration, Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ is actually the best way to reduce women’s hair loss and put back permanent hair in spots that are thinning.

This Patient Also Had 6 Months to Go

One of the many ways to reduce hair loss is with a hair transplant procedure. Emi opted to have Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ which is ideal for women. Emi has 6 more months of hair growth to go just like the young lady in this video.