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Can Laser Therapy Regrow Hair?


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Laser Therapy - Non-Surgical

6 Month Results

Laser Therapy is FDA Approved to Regrow Hair

FDA approved Laser Therapy really does regrow hair. This cold laser light treatment improves blood flow which results in better delivery of nutrients to the base of the hair follicle resulting in hair regrowth. The diameter of each hair shaft gets thicker, stronger and shinier. Hairs that were wispy and on their way out become fortified and begin to regrow.

Kaelin Reversed His Hair Loss

You can see by the before photos that Kaelin’s hair was on its way out but he regrew his hair with Laser Therapy. His male pattern baldness would have been a Norwood 4 in no time, however with the help of laser therapy, he was able to fortify his existing hair which reversed his hair loss. Watch this video to see another patient, JT, who did the same thing.