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What Helps Women’s Hair Loss?


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Laser Therapy

6 Month Results

Wondering What Helps Women’s Hair Loss?

There are several solutions for women’s hair loss such as:

  • Hair Transplants
  • FDA Approved Laser Therapy
  • Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy
  • Micropigmentation
  • Products and Suppliments

In this patient’s case Laser Therapy was the answer to her hair loss problems. As you can see by the photos, 3 months of Laser Therapy increased the diameter of her hair follicles and made her hair strong and healthy.

Non-Surgical Solution for Women’s Hair Loss

In this video Teresa’s hair loss was similar to the patient featured on this page. She had fine blonde hair and nothing was helping her thinning hair until she started using Laser Therapy at We Grow Hair. Laser Therapy strengthens weakened hair follicles and makes your hair appear thicker, shinier and stronger.