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What Causes Female Hair Loss at Temples!


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Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

6 Month Results - 6 Months to Go

About 40% of Women Experience Hair Loss

When women have hair loss in the temples that is usually a sign of hereditary female pattern hair loss. If you have female pattern hair loss, the best, most permanent solution is a hair transplant. Most women opt for our Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ Procedure because you don’t have to shave the back of you head like FUE procedures.

Watch Laurie’s Fill-in Procedure!

We waited 14 months to see what Laurie’s final result would be. There was a small spot where hair was transplanted but it did not grow like we expected it to. That’s why we did a small fill-in procedure to make sure Laurie’s results were consistant. Watch as Laurie talks about her final result after 2 years.

Out of Town Patient Makes a Decision That Changed Her Life!

Laurie had struggled with hair loss for a couple years. When she was visiting her daughter in Nashville, she decided to get a free, private consultation to talk about her hair loss. After seeing our clinic she was so impressed that she decided to have a hair transplant. Stay tuned to see her her progress over the next 6 months! Because she is only half way done!