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How effective is laser treatment for hair growth?


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Laser Therapy

5 Month Results

aser treatment can be very effective for hair growth

Laser treatment can be very effective for hair growth. It’s FDA approved and it has been scientifically proven to thicken and strengthen hair follicles. The first sign of hair loss is hair miniaturization. Laser therapy reverses this by improving blood flow to the base of the follicle which delivers much needed nutrients to the hair. The result is thicker, fuller, shinier hair.

Catch Hair Loss Early and Prevent Thinning

Laser therapy is used to both catch and reverse hair loss before it gets too far and it can also be used to keep NON-TRANSPLANTED hair from falling out after a surgical procedure. What laser therapy does is fortify your existing hair so it won’t fall out. This is super critical because once hair dies, it’s gone forever. A patient’s donor hair (the hair in the back of your head that is genetically preprogrammed to not fall out) is limited so it’s important to do everything in your power to keep the hair you have. You can see in Jesse’s case that he was going to lose a good portion of his hair. Laser Therapy has reversed his hair loss. Watch this video to learn more about laser therapy.