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Will I Need Two Transplants?


Our experienced patient care consultants are ready to help you choose the best hair restoration plan for you. 

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Just One Hair Transplant Can Make a Huge Difference

This patient had significant hair loss from front to back. One transplant was not enough to cover the entire thinning area, however, as you can see, a single hair transplant can make a remarkable impact on a patient’s appearance. Will Phil need a second transplant in his crown? That’s up to him. Some patients are happy with one life changing hair transplant.

Michael Talks About a Second Hair Transplant

70% of our patients are satisfied with one procedure. The other 30% opt for more than one procedure for many different reasons. Sometimes there is not enough donor hair to cover the entire area of hair loss in one procedure. In other cases, there is enough hair to cover the area of loss but the patient desires a thicker result. Some of the factors that affect a patient’s results are age, hair texture, hair density, area of hair loss, scalp elasticity, patient health, patient habits (smoking tends to impact results), medications and more. Each patient is completely different and their expectations are different as well. Our medical consultants will help you determine exactly what’s right for you.