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What Causes Female Hair Loss?


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Trying to Discover What Causes Female Hair Loss?

There are many causes of Female Hair Loss. Hormonal changes like pregnancy or menopause can cause hair loss. Changes in medication or extreme cases of stress can cause hair loss. As with men, the most common cause of hair loss in women is pattern baldness which is hereditary. Women with pattern baldness will see most of their hair loss in the temples, the top of their head and the crown.

A more important question is “What cures Female Hair Loss?” With PAI’s TriGrow, this triple action option helps thicken and strengthen weakened hair in 3 different ways. Hair follicles become thicker and shinier which will give patients a fuller appearance.

Edna Chose the TriGrow™ Solution

Edna’s hair was thinning throughout the top of her head. She wanted PAI’s most effective non-surgical solution for hair loss. That’s why she opted for the triple performance of PAI’s TriGrow™. TriGrow™ is a combination of FDA Approved Laser Light Therapy coupled with Enhanced Hair Growth Therapy and Anagen Hair Growth products and supplements.