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Will a Hair Transplant Work for Everyone?

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Is a Hair Transplant Always Successful?

You may wonder if a hair transplant works for everyone. Our clinic won’t do a hair transplant for a patient unless they are a good candidate for hair surgery. Refer to the video below to find out more about candidacy. In reference to the question, “Does a hair transplant work for everyone?” The answer is yes, but the results vary. A good hair restoration clinic will be honest with you and help you manage your expectations. The majority of the transplanted hairs will successfully grow, however the results vary depending on your donor area, the size of the area of hair loss, the number of hairs in your follicles, the hair diameter, your hair color, your hair texture and so on. This patient still has 6 months to go, but so far he has a very nice improvement for the size of his procedure and his hair type. Are you curious about your candidacy and potential outcome? Give us a call to find out more!

Are You a Candidate for Hair Surgery?

A hair transplant definitely works. Transplanted hair is permanent and will last a lifetime. However, you may or may not be a good candidate for hair surgery. Watch this video to find out more.