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Women's Hair Restoration


Our experienced patient care consultants are ready to help you choose the best hair restoration plan for you. 

Laser Therapy & Enhanced Plasma Therapy

6 Month Results

Many Factors Determine the Need for A Second Transplant

There are so many options out there (both good and bad) for women’s hair restoration. Dawn came to PAI when her general doctor didn’t have any answers for her. Dawn used a non-surgical combination of Laser therapy and Plasma Therapy to grow her hair back. Would you like to talk to a medical consultant who can help you with your hair loss? Book a free, private consultation to get answers about your hair loss.

Dawn Saved Her Hair to Show Her Doctor!

She wanted her general practitioner to understand just how devastating her hair loss was so she started saving the fallen hair in a plastic baggy! In this video she talks about her hair restoration journey. Research brought her to PAI Medical Group where she eventually stopped and reversed her hair loss.