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Some Hair Transplant Advice from Sam

I have a several points of advice for people thinking about going through with the procedure:
Be extraordinarily patient.
Everyone tells you this already, but it is so true. The process can be an extremely long one, but it pays off. I’m a full year in and I can honestly say I’ve still been seeing the results improve. I had many moments of stress where I was worried that the results weren’t going to be what I was hoping for, but eventually those concerns were proven false as my hair transplant developed. And just when I think it couldn’t get any better, another month later I’m surprised to see it’s gotten even better!
Your friends and family aren’t analyzing your head close up and styling your hair the way you are every morning. I’m the type of person where I worry sometimes about the smallest little problematic details about my hair. But, one of the best feelings is when I get to see someone I haven’t seen in a couple years, and I get to tell them that I had a hair transplant. Every single time they are always shocked and tell me they had no idea because of how natural my hair looks. It’s in those moments that I realize how critical and unfair I can be to myself after years of hating the way I look.

You have to work on your internal mental outlook just as much. And, this is something only you can do for yourself. If you’re like me, you’ve spent years hating the way you look and cringing every time you see a photo of yourself. After years of seeing your appearance negatively and worrying about how other people see you, those feelings and thoughts don’t just go away because you had a successful hair transplant. Learning to start approving of the way you look and being proud of your appearance is something you have to start forcing yourself to do regardless of any physical changes you may make.

I’ve been very open about it with my friends and family, and every single one of them have been overwhelmingly supportive. And surprisingly, I’ve discovered that once I talk to them about it, most of them also open up to me about a procedure they’ve been considering and how much I’ve inspired them! Having the support of my friends and family has made the entire process so much more enjoyable!

See Sam's Transformation after His Hair Transplant

We talked a little with Sam before his procedure and checked up with him again one year later!  Check out his transformation!

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