Hair Restoration

When is a Hair Transplant Not Possible?


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Under What Circumstances is a Hair Transplant Not Possible?

 A hair transplant would not be possible if there were:

  • Not enough donor hair 
  • Diffuse Hair Loss
  • Medical Issues
  • Scalp Issues
  • Too Young
  • Wrong Expectations 

Realistic Goals for a Successful Hair Transplant

The most important thing to understand if you have advanced hair loss, such as a Norwood 7,  is that a hair transplant can dramatically improve your appearance but it will not restore your hair to a pre-hair loss state!  

Everyone’s results vary due to hair color and texture.  Many people are satisfied with a single procedure because it reframes the face and gives you a younger, cleaner appearance.  Others may decide to have a second procedure to thicken the results.  Still others prefer that the surgeon packs hair in more tightly, which means less of an area will be restored but there’s always room for a second procedure. 

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