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Hair Surgery is for Females too!

Not many women are willing to share their hair surgery experience.  That’s why we are grateful that Chelsea agreed to give us an up close and personal documentary of her progress from start to finish!

She has always been plagued with a weak frontal hairline that has gotten worse over time.  A weak hairline means limited hair styles and lots of extra time getting ready in the morning.

Chelsea finally decided to do something about it and contacted We Grow Hair!


2 Weeks After Chelsea's Hair Surgery

It's a lot easier than you would think!

Katie and Hannah caught up with Chelsea 2 weeks after her procedure to see how she was doing.  Listen as Chelsea talks about the surgery and recovery.

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We Grow Hair Checks in with Chelsea at 2 months

Find out how Chelsea was doing 2 months after her hair transplant.  Stay tuned for the 9 month update!

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It's Been 9 months since Chelsea's procedure

It’s been 9 months since Chelsea had a hair transplant!  We checked in with her to see how she is doing!

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