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I Don’t Want a Linear Scar


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12 Month Results

Can I Avoid a Linear Scar?

If you are looking for a procedure that doesn’t leave a linear scar, then the ARTAS Robotic FUE Procedure might be a great choice for you. It’s important to understand that an FUE procedure does leave tiny circular scars, but if it’s the linear scar you are trying to avoid then this is your best option as long as you don’t need a large transplant.

Hair Loss in the Temples? Which Hair Transplant is Best?

This hair transplant is only 8 months in with 4 months of growth still to come. The results so far are outstanding! We offer many types of procedures to solve hair loss. ARTAS Robotic FUE is a great solution for those with hair loss in the temples. Nick had moderate hair loss and did not want a linear suture line. He opted for ARTAS Robotic FUE which is the best FUE option available in the industry. It’s the only fully robotic FUE hair transplant available. All other FUE solutions are hand-held which means they are not completely robotic. Instead they are subject to human fatigue and error. To find out more about ARTAS Robotic FUE call our office at 615-376-6010.

See Nick’s 1 Year Results

This is another life changing hair transplant. Watch this brief video as Nick talks about his final results.