Hair Restoration

How to Find a Reputable Hair Loss Clinic in Nashville


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Reputation is Important

A hair transplant at a reputable clinic that specializes in hair restoration only is more than worth the investment, however, a procedure at a questionable clinic is a bad idea.


  • The doctor is not certified to do hair restoration
  • The doctor is not the one who will be performing your procedure
  • The staff doesn’t have a lot of experience
  • The clinic does not specialize in hair
  • The clinic does not have many before and after photos or videos
  • The clinic does not have any references
  • The clinic does not have many 5 star google reviews.
  • The clinic doesn’t have a good aftercare program.

Are Hair Transplants Worth it?

A hair transplant is a great investment in yourself. At a reputable hair restoration clinic, a hair transplant is worth every penny. It’s safe, permanent and effective. Bobby did his research before coming to PAI and his results speak for themselves. Watch as Bobby talks about his experience at PAI.