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Shawn Parr

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So, it’s true.  Shawn Parr recently got a hair transplant at We Grow Hair!  He has spent his career keeping country music lovers connected with their favorite artists. For several years he co-hosted Nash Nights Live, but now he has his own radio program called Shawn Parr’s Across the Country.

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Shawn Parr's Transplant

It’s quite likely that you’ll recognize Shawn Parr’s unforgettable voice.  For many years you could hear him on LA’s KZLA and KKGO and he was also the voice of Dick Clark Productions for 20 years.

Although, Shawn has spent a significant amount of time behind the radio microphone,  he also makes several in-person appearances like the Academy of Country Music Awards and the Golden Globes.  He’s constantly meeting the most beloved celebrities and needs to look his very best.  That’s why he chose PAI Medical Group for the best hair transplant in Nashville.